Recently, I came across an interesting article called “Why Chinese youngsters are embracing a philosophy of “slacking-off“.

Gone are the days in the past, where workers born between 1950s-1980s followed the old school mentality of working hard, working long hours, and enduring hardship so as to achieve a better life.

The young nowadays have a very different mindset and mentality towards a corporate job. Perhaps it is because of higher education as well. With an influx of fresh graduates each year, getting a Bachelors Degree may no longer be just enough as a ticket for success. Competition is stiff and there will only be that handful of roles up for grabs for promotion each other. With diminishing yearly increments but the same amount of (insane) workload, the young in China are going against the norms in the workforce by encouraging a philosophy of “being lazy”. This has been made worse by the “9-9-6”