I’m going to write about some of the goals I hope to achieve by the end of this year. They can be financial, professional and personal in nature. Too many to cover in one post so I’m going to split them up. I shall start with our robo advisors – StashAway and DBS DigiPortfolio. Easy one because the monthly contributions into our accounts are more fixed in terms of dates and amounts. I have automated them for StashAway but still have to do manual top ups for DBS DigiPortfolio. Perhaps a point of improvement for the latter.

Anyway, what I have done recently is to reallocate some of the monthly contributions to our OCBC Blue Chip Investment Plan (BCIP) and POSB Invest Saver into the robo advisors. The increased monthly contributions to StashAway and DBS DigiPortfolio should start from this month. Reason being I want to raise the rate of