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3 Things To Know About Boustead Industrial Fund | Boustead Projects
By SmallCapAsia  •  January 8, 2021
Boustead Projects announced on 31st December 2020 that it will be launching a Boustead Industrial Fund where it has 25% stake in it. At the time of writing, its share price has already jumped from $0.80 to around $1.01 – a whooping 25% jump after the announcement. Boustead Projects Launches Boustead Industrial Fund For a quick background, Boustead Projects is a real estate developer, specializing in smart eco-sustainable business park and industrial developments. It has developed more than 3 million square metres of real estates across Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. Boustead Industrial Fund would have 3 stakeholders namely:
  1. Boustead Projects or its nominee at 25% of the fund
  2. Metrobilt Construction Pte Ltd, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Metro Holdings Ltdat 26% of the fund 
  3. AP SG 21 Pte Ltd, a special purpose vehicle for institutional real estate investors at 49% of the fund
In the event that Metrobilt does not subscribe to the fund, Boustead has agreed to subscribed other by itself or through its nominees the 26%. That will effectively Boustead’s holdings of the fund  ...
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By SmallCapAsia
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