So as of today, 9 Jan 2021, my portfolio is currently having a total unrealised profits of $8000. You can also see my FSMone portfolio in the video that I will be releasing soon. This portfolio gain is the largest I have ever experienced, from when I started investing in 2017, my portfolio has always been in the red because I bought the STI ETF at about $3 plus and added with my Design Studio loss, my portfolio was always red with -$2000 to -$3000.

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2020 – The year of change and moving into 2021

2020 proved to be the year when my portfolio turned from red to green as I enter the US stock market, with a regular saving plan buying VT and then VOO during the early part of 2020, they both have helped my portfolio performance.

But the heavy lifters are definitely TESLA and LMND where both have already generated 100% profit back meaning