STI closed 2933.19 on 8th Jan 2021, breaking the 2955.68 level suggesting the 5 waves down since 2018 is a diagonal wave.

There is some question on Minor wave (b) which could decide how Minor wave (c) of Intermediate wave ((c)) will perform going forward.

Scenario 1 is the low of 2308.97 on 22th Dec 2020 is the end of Minor wave (b) of Intermediate wave ((c)).  Technically it should move lower than Minute wave a which is 2793.22 but it is not an invalid pattern should it not.  As such, the peak of 30th Dec 2020 and trough of 5th Jan 2021 could be the Minute wave a and b of the Minor wave (c).  If such count is true, upside of Minor wave (c) could be limited.  In this case Minor wave (b) took 19 days to complete and Minor wave (c) is into its