The time has come for me to perform my stock investment portfolio review. This year, I am pleased to submit a good report card. I used XIRR (consisting of both realised and unrealised gains/loss) to track and measure my stock performance. In fact, it was my best report card after investing for 7 years. My XIRR returns for Year 2020 was 19.0%, comfortably beating the benchmark Straits Times Index as shown in Diagram 1.

Diagram 1: Compare Heartland Boy’s Investment Track Record Vs STI since 2014

After evaluation, I would attribute my out-performance in 2020 to 2 key decisions that I have made:

Diagram 2 is a summary of all the equity transactions that I have made in 2020. Profitable transactions are in green font while non-profitable transactions are in red font. Jumbo, UnUsUal, APAC