What is CompareFirst and Direct Purchase Insurance Plans (DPI) 

CompareFirst was launched in April2015 to make it easier for you to compare insurance plans. Before that, you’d have to manually find out which are perhaps the more competitive term plans in the market.

Direct Purchase Insurance Products (DPI) were also created to give you more options whereby you can choose to buy products without advice. You should read the required documents carefully before buying any DPI plan.

For this article, I’d focus more on direct purchase insurance (DPI) TERM LIFE plans which I’ve seen in a few private clients portfolio already.

Note: there is a $400,000 per insurer that you can buy from.

There are ONLY 3 types of duration which are the 5year renewable, 20years and “up to age65”.

How to use CompareFirst to find TERM LIFE plans

Go to CompareFirst website and you’d see the following choices below.

Choose TERM LIFE products.