I’m writing this on the 7th of January, 2021.

It’s been quite possibly, one of the hardest weeks in my entire life.

As I type these words out, there is a meeting my firm is holding, with some of the people that I care and respect the most in this industry.

At a certain point, there would have been slides and awards and prizes meant to recognize me, the firm’s top performer of 2020.

With a Court of the Table award that puts me in the top 3% of consultants in the world, amongst numerous other achievements and accomplishments.

Things that I’ll be honest – I was really looking forward to. Being honored in front of the people I’ve learnt from and competed with.

But I am not there.

I am here. On this bus.

Because I already resigned.


Part of me is still really asking myself this question. I’ve never resigned from anything before.