If you’re old enough to remember the 1980’s, you might recall Executive Apartments (EAs) were all the rage of the time; you might call them the ECs of their day. These were even larger than 5-room flats, and may have paved the way for the later jumbo units.

These EAs are still around today; and for some home buyers, they represent a better alternative than ECs or just a bigger resale flat. This week we spoke to Mr. Matthew Kumar, on his family’s decision to move into just such a flat, instead of the more common upgrading options. For those of you looking to upgrade the coming here, you may find an Executive Apartment the right choice as well (if you can find one for sale!)

Special thanks to Mr. Matthew Kumar, for sharing his home ownership journey with us.

What is an Executive Apartment?

An Executive Apartment is a flat type that first emerged in the 1980’s.