I’ve been thinking about SG property investments.
As in, just thinking, about them as an investment class, not thinking about buying them.
Now, I’m just talking about leasehold properties, not freehold. Cos most SG properties are 99 year leases.
I wrote about 99 year lease here previously.
On first glance, the 99 year lease issue seems typically problematic only for HDB owners, cos there’s low probability of SERS.
Whereas condo owners can self initiate en-bloc proceedings.

For me, there’s no doubt that 99 year lease purchases is just prepaid rent.
You can tell yourself anything you want. The fact that after 99 years it doesn’t belong to you means you don’t own it.
The ability to sell the unused portion of the rent doesn’t mean the property belongs to you.

Every year, the  lease drops by one year, so on the first year, the lease loses 1% of it’s value.
And as the lease gets shorter, the lease loses more