As most followers of this blog knows, we record our monthly expenses almost religiously (in the past).

It got a little monotonous in 2018 since there was little change in our spending habits and we decided to take a little break. And oops, it somehow amounted to almost 3 years of non-tracking.

My instincts tell me our expenditure is significantly different compared to a few years ago and it might need some reining in. And I believe tracking our expenses for at least a year is the best way to find out.

And of course, monthly updates also keep me disciplined to write on this blog.

To keep the updates uncluttered, I will divide our expenses into two portions:

1. The fixed, recurring expenses and

2. The variable expenses

Besides simplicity, this method will also help to minimise the volatility across months. The fixed, recurring expenses would be updated yearly to be as relevant as possible.