My goal for this year is really simple. It’s simply to focus on spending time with my kids, and myself. So, in other words, I’m looking at doing just things I really really like.

I was looking back at my past posts. One of them, I talked about finding passion from impulse, where I find a hobby I truly enjoy by trying out. I named 5 hobbies in this post here: (1) gardening (2) Singing/ Music (3) Teach (4) Write (5) Artist.

I kept saying that I did nothing, but I realize how untrue that’s. Looking back, thanks to my kids and this blog, I actually did lots of those.

Singing/ Music

I have been teaching my daughter piano, and whenever she comes home with a new song she learnt in school, I’ll play it on the piano while she sings. Of course, I also taught her formally. Best book to use is John Thompson‘s books.