When it comes to exercise, I’ve always been a believer of FREE exercise. Because, you’ll know la, I kiam siap…

Since 2 weeks ago, I have been using Classpass, an app and website that made finding and booking classes effortless.

For the uninitiated, when I say classes, I don’t mean academic classes, but rather workout classes that ranges from unique fitness studios to hippy yoga studios, heck they even have spa treatments. I’ve been contented and pleased with my 2 weeks of usage so far and mainly it’s because, FREE 2 WEEKS TRIAL!

This is NOT a sponsored post for Classpass but really, just an honest piece of my review since I’ve started using them.

New Year, New Me

The old adage lives on. For 2 weeks at least.

The interesting thing (and differentiator) about Classpass is that I have the flexibility to have a mix of different workout activities at various locations.