We were so eager for 2020 to be over. Alas, some of it has flowed into 2021.

Source: Daily Mail For one, Chinese New Year (CNY) will be extremely different this year. No more CNY bazaar at Chinatown, and with visitations limited to 8 people in a household per time… There’s something that can remain constant and keep us sane. Ang baos, or Hongbaos (red packets). For the uninitiated, it is a Chinese tradition during CNY for married couples to give ang baos to their unmarried younger relatives of the younger generation. This gesture is seen as an act of giving blessings and well wishes for the receivers to have an auspicious start of the year. And for those who are gifting them this year, are you looking for a more convenient way to do so? Perhaps you should check out… e-angbaos. TL;DR: All You