Do you know, 95% of our purchase decision making takes place subconsciously? It’s actually from a research by Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman. Logic is slow and we take short cuts to make decisions.


h3 data-css=”tve-u-176e50b3793″>What is Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) FOMO is a very real thing and this is a common day example. Sam is home on Saturday night and quite comfortable to be staying in. Suddenly, his best friend calls her to ask if he want to join the game of poker. Although Sam is tired and perfectly content staying in, the fear of missing out looms large as he doesn’t want to regret not.  What if he wins big? He had been running lucky. This anticipated regret drives Sam to choose to decide to go.
It is no surprise that lucky draws are right to the end of a company dinner and dance. The