After surpassing SGD 1 million in Dec 2020, my net worth continues its resurgence and increases by $35k to $1.048m. This is after the latest Jan 2021 salary, CPF contributions for Dec 2020, strong growth in the value of Reits in my portfolio and more than $12k of interests for 2020 credited to my CPF accounts.  My CPF has surpassed $400k after the latest contributions and $5k Special account top up under RSTU. My stock portfolio value in CDP has surpassed $250k and stands at $253k as at time of writing. I prefer to adopt a laid-back approach to manage my financial health in 2021. I will reap the low hanging fruits first by topping up my own CPF SA, parent’s CPF RA to enjoy the 4% interest rates and tax reliefs of $14k. Next, I will top up my own SRS account with $15.3k. In the meantime,