Week Ahead China Q4 GDPEurope CPI (Dec)US President Biden SpeaksECB Press Conference Thought Of The Week Second Impeachment, Jobless Claims, $1.9 Trillion Fiscal Package Continuing the long list of unprecedented events in 2020, markets now have a new addition – Trump’s second impeachment, in relation to the recent siege on the US Capitol and inciting violence. (Trump was previously impeached in Dec 2019 for abusing his power when he persuaded Ukrainian President to dig out dirt on Joe Biden and his son but was later acquitted due to insufficient votes during the Senate trial). Convicting Trump after he leaves office on January 20 will be more of a symbolic move as it could prevent him from running for presidency or any other public office again. Amidst the political drama, labour market continued to struggle as new US weekly jobless claims climbed to its highest level since August –