I live in a HDB flat in Singapore. As I bought a resale home, I got to choose the type of homes. The older types of HDB in Singapore are honestly super varied. As my home approaches the 5 year minimum occupancy period (MOP), I am seriously considering whether to move or not.

Currently, I live in a door -to- door unit. For such units, there are just 2 units facing each other ( sharing the common corridor). And since all levels have a lift, only 2 units share a lift per level.

I am not sociable. So having just 1 unit is ideal. No need to say hi to everyone. But there is actually more to it. You get to use the space occasionally as if it is your outdoor space.

My neighbor use this space for prayers and so on from time to time. I use it for my kids to do some “zero point” game, and so on. Basically some games that you need space