Investing is personal. It is hard to determine whether one’s decision is right or wrong. Because, how sure can we be?

I am a person where I have to at least like or love the company to some extent before I buy it. And when I sell it, the reason why I bought it in the first place must not hold true anymore. Most people say it is best not to be emotional when it comes to investing. However, I believe there must be some form of emotional attachment to it.

ComfortDelgro was a stock that I like very much last year. I bought it on the premise that:

  • Global travel and activity will resume
  • Share price at June/July 2020 levels was near post 2008/2009 GFC crisis low
  • ComfortDelgro’s share price recovered 75% in 8-10 months post-SARS
  • Fundamentally, it is still a sound company and is one of the largest land transport companies in the world