My daughter is going to primary one next year. I have been shortlisting schools that I want her to go to.

Based on location, and chance of getting in ( my daughter is in the sg50 babies), I have shortlisted 2 schools. One is due to distance (just a road away), and another is due to affiliation. So I went to study the differences in the school. From, CCAs, to what they are famous for and so on. To he honest, all schools specialize in something, and their CCAs are almost the same with some differences. LOL.

But what caught me was the significant difference in the time the kids knock off from school. One was usually 1 pm, except for a day that is 12.30pm. Another was usually 1.45 p.m, with some days at 1.15 p.m. why a 45 minutes difference?! Aren’t primary school suppose to teach similar stuff.