I actually was supposed to write this…over a year ago. Some of my more loyal readers may remember.

You may be wondering why Money Maverick is writing a soft personal finance topic such as this. It’s not something distinctive and specialized about investing or insurance.

For example, I could be talking about this investment over a 9 month period.

As it turns out, even if you write something like saving $100k by 25, you can still get lambasted by childish people. I’ve always wanted my articles to have open discussion but in the last few years it seems like people just agree with me while not even bothering to like my posts. (angst)

Naturally, there will be haters but as you guys can tell from a few weeks back, I think there’s only so much worse it could go.

Plus, if Miss FitFI can endure so much crap, I’d feel embarrassed if Money Maverick shied away from non-endearing topics.

Without Further Ado

1) Set Goals [Goalsetting]

PLEASE bear with me – no one likes this pointer, but it’s such a must and it always comes first.