It’s lunchtime blogpost again, where I blog during lunch some small nuggets that I think of.

We all work for a certain purpose. Since I’m at work today, let’s look at some things we are grateful for (as a result of working). Hope this motivates your day on Wednesday.

So here are some things I’m grateful for, for working at a job.

I work to earn money, so that my family can live comfortably and my kids can pursue interests they are interested in.  This is the key to working, isn’t it.

But there’s more to it.

I work so that I gain excess to network which I by myself (using my name) won’t be able to do so (think about I’m Ms. XXX, vs I’m Ms XXX from FAMOUS COMPANY – which will give you more access?).

I work so that I get to mingle with a certain group of people from a certain social circle