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I read about an interesting research on “Where does Money come from?” the other day.

It was done in 2019 so it is a bit outdated, but I believe things should not have changed much over the last two years.

Therefore, I would like to share it with you in this quick read.

Where does Money come from?

In 2018,

73% of the income of Chinese residents came from work — “People-generating money”27% came from investments — “Money-generating money”In US, even for the richest families, about half of the income came from work

I think it tells us two things to get money.

1.Focus on improving our work efficiency and output

It is clear that work generates most of the income for the mass population.

And that is just the average.

That means, for some people, work can even generate more than 100% of their wealth. That is what happened to me when