I bet you didn’t roll out of bed today thinking “you know what’s lacking in this world? ANOTHER YouTuber talking about crypto!”.

Yet here we are.

Yeap, I’m a YouTuber now. So the channel will be featuring content very similar to what this site does, just coming at you from a different medium, and hopefully a different but amazing as ever flavour.

Check out my first video below! It’s short and sweet.

BlackRock gives 2 funds the go ahead to invest in bitcoin futures.

So, BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager with over $7T in AUM, has just given the greenlight for 2 of their funds to invest in bitcoin futures. This means that a lot of institutions will soon have access to get exposure to bitcoin via BlackRock.

That should be a ringing endorsement for the rest of the fund managers to start seriously thinking about jumping