We have deferred my mom’s CPF payout since she was 65 years old so that we can milk more interest from the government. The latest we can defer her payout is up to 70 years old. My Mom is reaching 70 soon and we will need to decide if we want to opt her into CPF Life (and which CPF Life plan) or just stay on Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS) before her payout starts.

To make that decision, we did a comparison to see what her payout will be if she goes for RSS vs CPF Life’s various plan. Thankfully, CPF has made it pretty easy to find out how much payout my mom will be getting with RSS as well as CPF life.

To find out how much payout she can get from RSS, we have to log into her CPF account via SingPass, click on My Messages then Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS) Payout Estimator shown below.