It is official. Gamestop (GME) is now giving a “better returns” than Tesla (TSLA). GME returns stand at 3300% vs TSLA 691% over the past one year. It is even better than bitcoin which is giving a 257% returns over the past one year. Just how did it happen? Is it too late to invest in bitcoin, Tesla or even Gamestop?

Here at Wealthdojo, we seek to understand what has happened fundamentally. For example, the impact of raising $5 billion from Tesla offering. We then see if it makes sense to invest in it or just speculate. Even in the insane movement in the stock market, we aim manage our wealth in a logical and systematic way.

Disclaimer: I do not have any position in Bitcoin, TSLA or GME. Indeed, I have “missed” out on the huge runs of those companies but time will tell.

Tesla VS Gamestop

How did this happen?

It happened for TSLA.