Singaporean upskilling to stay resilient in the workplace

When people face hardships such as retrenchments or pay cuts, some snap, while others snap back. Those who snap may suffer a loss in confidence or sink into depression. Those who snap back take advantage of the setback to gain a new skill or begin a new career path. What sustains them through challenging times? Resilience.

According to Psychology Today, resilience is defined as the psychological capacity to adapt to stressful circumstances and to bounce back from adverse events. Resilience is considered a process to build resources toward searching for a better future after potentially traumatic events. For example, an employee who can maintain business as usual despite upcoming layoffs or an interviewee who can remain positive after being rejected for a job.

Since some industries such as aviation and hospitality may continue to retrench more workers in 2021, what can Sinagporeans do to build resilience in the workplace?