During a Bloomberg interview, Cathie Wood was asked where do you see the biggest growth catalyst coming from? She replied while TSLA already has a fantastic run-up, it’s potential gains are getting narrower.

Instead, the biggest surprising upside is going to come from genomic companies. ARK believes they are going to make up the next FAANG stocks in the future as these companies start curing diseases and health problems.

It is at this moment, along with many others, when I decided I am in. In my telegram channel, I announced selling all my other US shares except TSLA and used half of the proceeds to get into ARKG. The other half would be reserved as bullets to DCA down should ARKG dips.

As I was diving deep into understanding the companies that ARKG invests in, I chanced upon an extremely undervalued gem. That stock is Bionano Genomics with the ticker symbol BNGO.