I hosted a fellow member of Team ThumbTack last weekend for lunch. It’s been an uber exhausting start to 2021, and also, since it’s going to be CNY soon, I thought we should go somewhere fancy, eventually settling on Cantonese food from Summer Palace at Regent Hotel.

Here’s what Michelin 1-star for 3 consecutive years Summer Palace looks like:

LOL. U gotta admit, the starter does look kinda… underwhelming. But it gets better real fast.

Can’t rem what goes inside exactly, but there’s all sorts of seafood and I was kinda ready to call it a day after that.

Lobster noodle is da bomb. I kinda wished it was served earlier though, was already 99% full by then.

<Forgot to take pics of the fancy desserts…>

Anyhow, said fellow ThumbTacker was coincidentally, 1 of the early employees of InvestingNote. He was also heavily involved with the previous post, doing most of the heavy lifting in fact: