(Source: Endowus)

I recently accumulated a tidy amount inside my SRS account as an endowment fund had reached maturity. The timing also coincided with my year-end top-up to SRS which was intended to reduce my tax bill.  Wary of leaving my SRS funds idle, I decided to look around for robo-advisory solutions that accept SRS funds. This led me to Endowus as its platform offers investment products that accepts cash, SRS and even CPF OA funds. After some due diligence, I took the plunge and started a portfolio under Endowus Fund Smart. Here is my review of investing my CPF and SRS funds with Endowus.


Amongst the various investment products (General Wealth Accumulation and Cash Smart) offered, I find that Fund Smart suits my investment objectives the most. Endowus Fund Smart grants investors the flexibility of a DIY approach by customising their respective portfolios from a curated list of unit trusts. Here are the reasons why I have picked Fund Smart.