In the last post, I talked about COVID being the real life report card.

It’s like the Balance Sheet of life. Where we are at a point in time.
Then I thought, what about the Profit & Loss Statement and Cashflow Statement? How does that fit into life?

Well, let’s go through this.
A Balance Sheet is a snapshot of a company.
In life, well, it’s could be seen as a snapshot of a particular time. Our life situation at a particular point.
Things could be good, or bad, it is what it is.
We’re not talking purely about money, I mean, it’s metaphorical.
We talk about strong balance sheets, weak balance sheets.
Some parts of our life may be good, finances may be good, but maybe other parts may not be as good, or vice versa. Kids, no kids, health, lack of health, talent or lack of it, parents to take care of, etc…

So we all have our