Year 2020 is the year of the books for me. I read voraciously because I can’t go to malls and I’m ‘stuck’ at home most of the time. But I’m secretly happy because that’s exactly what I want to do most of the time – just blanket myself up, put a book on my lap, a pillow behind my back and read myself to sleep.

I read a total of 59 books, way exceeding my target of 52 books a year. I know, I have no life. Since I have the time, I also wrote down short summaries for all the books read. There are some worthy books have a much lengthier summary for my own records and learning purpose.

In descending order of books read, here’s the list:

59) The psychology of money – Morgan Housel

58) The almanack of Naval Ravikant

57) Network Effect – Martha Wells