Dividend Collected (January 2021) – Apes Together Strong Part 2
By SingularityTruth  •  February 6, 2021
Dividend Collected to Date Dividend by Month (Last 5 Years) Top Dividend Contribution (Last 12 Months)
Dividend collected for the month of January 2021: $1.16K* *Dividends are realized on pay date SINGTELNIKKOAM SGBD ETF Dividend (YTD): $1.16K
Average Monthly Dividend (YTD): $1.16KTotal Dividend Collected to Date: $112.92K
The GME episode has taught me a few lessons and led me to question myself if I understand how the stock market works. The answer I got is that I totally have no idea. My thoughts are as follow.Stock Market Is Not Free MarketThe main reason for asking the question is when brokerages ban the purchase of meme stocks and only allow selling. This move is against the principle of free market trading and is the reason why many people is questioning the ban. The ban was still enforced even after GME crashed more than 60%. With buying being capped, price...
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By SingularityTruth
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