So your Minimum Occupation Period is finally up, and you’re ready to plunge into an investment property; or maybe you’ve got your eye on a well-located one-bedder in town. The first rental property is arguably the most important – often, its success will determine whether there’s a subsequent property investment. So long before you reach tycoon status, it’s important to ensure you start with the right fundamentals.

That means being well capitalised, so you’re not forced to accept lower rent, or a fire sale. Here’s a quick look at how much you should be prepared to set aside, before you can own and rent out your first property:

Key costs to prepare for as a landlord 

The initial, non-recurring costs include:

  • Down payment
  • Stamp duties
  • Legal fees
  • Renovation & furnishing

The recurring costs are:

  • Property tax
  • Maintenance fees and day-to-day maintenance
  • Monthly loan repayments
  • Tenant acquisition costs

You should try to ensure you have three to six months of