So we’ve seen a number of guides on what to do when hunting for the ‘most suitable’ new launch unit.

We’ve also touched briefly in the past on the timelines of purchasing both new launch and resale condo units.

But what we’ve yet to speak about is the actual ‘Balloting Process’.

To be honest, the process is relatively straight-forward.

It’s really only when it is a popular launch that many first time home buyers might get taken aback on the actual launch day (some have even described it as a fish market).

Still, given this is likely the biggest purchase of your life it is worth having a clearer picture of what the balloting experience is like.

First up, the balloting timeline!

Ballot Timeline

  1. Gathering Interest (Few weeks – months prior)

This is essentially the marketing stage.

Also the part where you’ll hear/see radio, TV and print adverts about an ‘Incredible Upcoming New Launch with so and so USPs’.