In our not-so-recent AMA on Seedly, we noticed several of the questions were regarding resale flats. Some of these were about resale flats as means of asset progression (upgrading), be it to a condo, or just even to a bigger flat.

To answer the question in greater detail, we’ve put together this small guide, on what to look for if your resale flat is meant to be a stepping stone. With 50,000+ resale flats reaching their Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP) this year, you’ll likely be spoiled for choice – but don’t be under the impression that just any resale flat will work as well.

Here are the key considerations to know:

First, why would upgraders want resale flats and not BTO flats?

Many – but not all – home buyers who want to upgrade will consider resale flats first. The reason is that the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) begins from the point of key collection, and not