Tq Elon kor kor.

Elon kor kor tweeted on Bitcoin on 29 Jan 2021. And I entered more into Bitcoin. 

A bit late in the Bitcoin. But better be late than never. 

36% in one month. 

I blogged about the triangle formation on 1 Feb 2021 click here.

It broke out from the triangle on 2 Feb 2021.

There is a “BUY” signal on the 7 Feb 2021.

On 8 Feb 2021, Elon kor kor announced that Telsa bought 1.5 billion into Bitcoin. 


After the announcement, Bitcoin went up 19.45%.

Now Bitcoin is forming a flag. Just nice the resistance is the psychological level, 50,000. 

We shall eat our bak kwa and watch whether Bitcoin will break 50k from here.