Over the past few days, a few insurers have started informing their policyholders that their riders will start to include a co-payment feature when they renew their Integrated Shield Plans (IP). According to a recent Straits Times article, it looks like at least 3 private insurers will be transitioning most, if not all of their IP policyholders to a co-payment model.

The driving force behind the scene that’s making this happen

When one private insurer tries to do something different from the rest, we would label it a trend-setter, a trailblazer or an innovator.

But when more than one private insurer announce that they are implementing something different at the same time, we know there has to be a driving force working its magic behind the scene.

That driving force seems to be Health Insurance Task Force who encouraged insurers to include co-insurance and/or deductible features in product design in order to ensure consumers’ interests