Singapore’s 2021 Financial Budget was released on February 16th. While previous budgets focused on growing the economy and building a united Singapore, this year continues and expands support for those struggling from the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, the budget also sets into place a framework for growth beyond the pandemic. For instance, the budget contains a S$900 million plan for household relief to help those who were laid off, furloughed, or experienced a cut in working hours throughout 2020. With cash grants, tax rebates and loan policies, the government’s generous budget might put money into your pocket. However, how much will you actually receive?

Vouchers and Cash Grants Can Give You Hundreds To Start the Year

The 2021 budget contains several vouchers and grants for those who may be struggling. For example, students 21 and younger will get S$200 into their Child Development Account, Edusave Account, or Post-Secondary Education Account. Moreover, if your annual income is less than S$13,000 per year