If you have friends or family who are starting out their investing journey and are feeling overwhelmed, this could be a good alternative to consider. (But if you’re a savvy or a seasoned DIY investor, ILPs may not be up your alley.) Here’s how Singlife’s digital investment-linked policy (ILP) is challenging traditional ILPs. Read on to understand more before you commit to one.

Existing Singlife Account customers may have noticed the launch of Singlife’s latest product – Grow. While there’s currently a waitlist to apply for a Singlife Account, I’ve been receiving several messages from readers on whether Grow is worth looking into, so let’s investigate that today.But first,

The problem with traditional ILPs in Singapore

(Skip this section if you’re already familiar with traditional ILPs)

For those who are confused by ILPs and what they are, here’s a quick summary: ILPs are policies offered by insurers that have both insurance coverage and investment