If you have an Amex CapitaCard, you may want to take advantage of this time limited promotion running from 20th to 28th Feb. If you don’t and are keen on this offer, I would suggest applying now; based on my experience, American Express processes card applications really quickly and you should still make it in time for this promo.

Promo details

With every purchase of $100 worth of eCapitaVouchers using your Amex CapitaCard, you will receive 10,000 STAR$. You can take advantage of this offer up to 5 times, or 50,000 STAR$ in all. Terms and conditions here.

Normally, 10,000 STAR$ is $10, which makes it a 10% rebate on your $100 voucher purchase. With Plant tier on SP GreenUP, 10,000 STAR$ is $14 (technically, you will redeem $10 worth 7,000 STAR$ with 3,000 STAR$ remaining), whic boosts the rebate to about 14% if used in conjunction with GreenUP (read my SP GreenUP guide).