Capitaland Integrated Commercial Trust (CICT): Is the REIT worth buying post-COVID-19?

One unique feature about investing is the lack of a “10-year series” which guarantees a sure-win strategy. With so many factors that can influence the market, effort doesn’t always commensurate with returns (If only it does!). Along the way, many have added their own twist to well-known strategies out there.

For me, something I’ve read about investments in the past has resonated deeply – the ability to invest in things we interact with on a daily basis. Be it in the can of coke you’re drinking, your mobile provider to the shopping malls that you visit!

By doing so, you’ll be able to personally monitor your investments and assess the viability of its business model. For me, I found this approach highly compelling which was why I looked into CICT and eventually invested in them. But you might be wondering, what about Covid-19 and the impact of online shopping?