During the Lunar New Year, I was spending more time in the supermarkets to buy my Chinese New Year goodies. As I am price sensitive in nature, I cannot help but noticed that there are many items that are “extremely” marked up in the supermarket. While this article is probably going to minimally affect your Wealth Management journey, I hope this awareness can save you hundred of dollars in the future.

Top 3 Money Wasters At The Supermarket. Source

#1: Herbs and Spices

Herbs, Spices and Seasonings are the most common culprits. If you are like me, I tend to cook in the spur of the moment. As most of us do not really have the full set of herbs and spices at home, we head over to the supermarkets to purchase our herbs and spices which we may only use once/twice.

In the supermarket, prices of herbs and spices range between $3 to $10 from the common pepper to saffron