Sembcorp Marine (SCM) has released its full year results, with a loss of 4.6 cents per share (after factoring the enlarged share base). The current net asset value per share is now 29.2 cents per share. This is shown in page 8 of its financial results. What does the Future Hold? I am maintaining my prediction that SCM will make 1.1 cent per share loss for 2021. This is because SCM has a few contracts left and does not seem to be fully utilising its yards (However i will re-evaluate the losses post 1HFY results to gauge the company’s value). Investors can expect SCM to deliver the last 2 Transocean Drillships this year because one of them has secured a contract to start operations in the fourth quarter of 2021 with Chevron. Cost of the 2 drillships stated in Transocean report is US$1.93 billion (S$2.56 billion). With delivery in FY21, a significant