Crypto Bloodbath 2021 Edition
By Got Money, Got Honey!  •  February 26, 2021
Bitcoin CRASHES from $58,500 to $45,000. Are you worried about my ponzi crypt coins? Even if BTC crashes down -85% like the previous max drawdown, it's still going to be higher than my cost. Considering that the bulk of "early" participants from pre-Nov 2020 entered at between $4,000-$12,000, I think most crypto holders would be fairly comfortable with their positions. Oh, I also recently heard GIC was a lead investor in a crypto fund? Weird that they are investing in valueless digital ponzis used by criminals and terrorists. What are they thinking? Disgusting and immoral. They should just buy more SGX stonks so that all the sinkies can huat together. Good idea right? G for Minister of Finance....
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By Got Money, Got Honey!
Got Money, Got Honey! is personal finance blog written by a non-professional who shares his point of view as a retail investor. His blog is an open diary of his honest opinions about anything that has to do with personal finance. Warning: strong levels of sarcasm.

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