There’s no one else who cares more about your wealth than you. And in today’s climate where the cost of living is rising faster than (most of) our salaries, coupled with inflation and the erosion of cash value over time…it is even more essential that you start taking wealthcare seriously.

If there’s anything 2020 has taught us, it is about how we all need to be smarter about our spending (e.g. not have our money “leaking” out e.g. to unused subscriptions or memberships) and budget better so that we don’t run into cashflow issues.

With all that money printing by governments worldwide, 2020 also showed us how we need to hedge or invest our cash so that its value doesn’t get eroded over time. One way that many people have done this is by hedging with inflation-proof assets such as gold, or even digital gold i.e. Bitcoin.