ometime ago, I posted about luck.
Are You Smart? Or Just Plain Lucky?

I chanced upon this YouTube clip which I felt was really worth the watch.
I highly recommend going through it.

He made a computer simulation whereby luck is only a 5% factor of a potential candidate.
And yet, with just a potential up to 5% bonus in “stats”, the result was significant over a large population.
Within a large population, there are a lot of hardworking and smart people. The “stats” that each one is born with… well it’s pretty average over a large population.

I ran a similar experiment.
For a population of 18,000, I ran some random numbers.
For the skill stat, I ran random numbers between 0 to 95.
For luck stat, I ran random numbers between 0 to 5.
With a large population size, there will be many people with high skill stats.
So the only differentiating factor is how much more luck that person is.