“Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. And Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate. Something interesting is happening.”

Many would have heard of this quote from Tom Goodwin, which made the social media rounds in mid-2015. Just like how the introduction of machines and electricity changed the lives of millions worldwide in the 18th century, the technological revolution that we are in now has affected how we think and operate and will continue to shape our lives for the next few decades.

With COVID-19, the adoption of digital technologies has been further accelerated by several years, with many of these changes expected to have long-lasting impact on businesses. At an individual level, we are now used to working from home, zoom meetings, ordering groceries digitally and conducting online learning sessions with live webinars.