“Resale” Endowment Policies – Higher projected returns with shorter time to maturity
By The InvestQuest  •  March 14, 2021
Article Summary 1) What are resale endowment policies? 2) Benefits: Higher projected return + shorter time to maturity 3) Detriments: Not customizable, no insurance coverage 4) How to replicate the insurance coverage at lower cost 5) How to Buy: See our inventory of resale endowments The Main Takeaways
  • Endowment policies are savings plans marketed by insurance companies as a conservative investment vehicle. In today’s market, a new policy has projected returns of around 1.5% to 3+% per year, depending on the no. of years. Note that returns are projected by the insurer and subject to change.
  • Resale Endowment Policiesare policies that have been sold by the original policy owner to an investor. We are selling endowment policies at 2+% to 5+% per year projected returns. Note that returns are projected by the insurer and subject to change.
  • Benefits of buying Resale Endowment Policies:Higher returns, with shorter time to maturity.
  • Downsides of buying Resale Endowment Policies: No insurance coverage. Insurance
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By The InvestQuest
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