Astrea VI announced that its retail bond offering of S$250m was 3.1x subscribed and the overall issuance including the placement tranche was 5.9x subscribed.

Considering that the issuance size this time is much larger at $250m (versus $180m in Astrea V) and the interest rate is much lower at 3% (versus 3.85% in Astrea V), I would consider this as a very good outcome and our retail investors definitely know a “safe” deal when they see one. 😂

The Issuer continue to allocate more than 3/4 of the issuance to small investors (defined as those who applied for less than $50,000) and stuck to its promise to ballot for those who applied for $50,000 or more.

The balloting table is presented below:

There is an interesting quote by Azalea’s CEO, Ms Margaret Lui :

“Private equity funds and related investment products are typically not accessible to retail
investors. The Astrea PE Bonds are investment grade bonds which provide regular income and exposure to